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Training with the DIE RINGE app

Info about training with the DIE RINGE App

Can I train if I am injured?

Training with DIE RINGE is not suitable if there are signs of injury or health problems. We recommend that you consult a doctor or physiotherapist to clarify whether DIE RINGE is suitable as a type of training here. Please also read article 13 of our

Do I have to be athletic to train with DIE RINGE?

DIE RINGE offers challenging workouts for beginners, advanced and professionals. To help you find your way quickly, we determine your fitness level before your first workout and assign you a suitable training level (training phase). Basically, the in

What distinguishes the DIE RINGE app from conventional strength training?

What are actually the differences between conventional strength training and strength training on gymnastic rings? And above all, what are the differences with the DIE RINGE app? These questions are not only frequently asked by us, but also by almost

What do the XP points and the level mean?

Through our XP level system, you have the opportunity to earn experience points through various activities with the app and thus advance level by level. Unlike the different training phases, the level system has no influence on your training schedule

How to create my training plan with the DIE RINGE Coach

The DIE RINGE Coach helps you determine your training goals and select the content you want to train. Based on the answered questions, the DIE RINGE Coach will design your perfect training week. In doing so, sports science rules and principles are ta

My training is to easy or to hard for me

You may need to adjust the intensity of your training on your own because you may not have been able to train for a long time or the classification did not fit 100%. You can change the training plans on your own as follows. Go to the overview of the

I miss equipment for training styles

In the DIE RINGE app, you can choose between different training styles. For example, there are three different styles for the upper body. These differ not only in the training plan but also in the required equipment. Ringtraining: Gym Rings. Calisthe

Using Battery Saver Mode in the DIE RINGE App

In this article, we'll show you how to activate the battery saver mode and thus reduce the energy consumption of your app, extending the battery life of your smartphone. The battery saver mode in the DIE RINGE App is closely linked to the battery sav

How to synchronize my training data with Apple Health

To sync your workout data from the DIE RINGE app with Apple Health, it's crucial to know that Apple Health is pre-installed on iOS devices. This provides a central place to monitor health and fitness data from various apps and devices. Important for

How to synchronize my training data with Android Health Connect

Getting Started: To share your workout data from the DIE RINGE App with other health and fitness applications, we use Health Connect. This tool allows for seamless synchronization of health and fitness data across different apps and devices. Check Yo

What Weights Do I Need for Weighted Legs?

If you're looking to start your weight training plan for legs, it's crucial to have the right weights on hand. Here is an overview of the recommended weights you will need for this program. Fundamentals - Intermediate - Advanced - Pro - Expert - Mast