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Using Battery Saver Mode in the DIE RINGE AppUpdated 5 months ago

In this article, we'll show you how to activate the battery saver mode and thus reduce the energy consumption of your app, extending the battery life of your smartphone.

What is Battery Saver Mode?

The battery saver mode in the DIE RINGE App is closely linked to the battery saver mode of your smartphone. Whether you manually activate the battery saver mode on your device or it activates automatically due to a low battery level, this mode will also be activated within the DIE RINGE App.

How Does Battery Saver Mode Work in the DIE RINGE Ap

In battery saver mode, the app adjusts its functions to consume less energy. A significant change involves video playback: videos are automatically played once at the beginning but then stop. If you want to replay a video, you need to actively press the play button. This adjustment helps to reduce energy consumption and thus extends the battery life of your smartphone.

Permanent Activation of Battery Saver Mode

You can also permanently activate the battery saver mode in the settings of the DIE RINGE App. This is particularly useful if you generally want to save energy, regardless of your device's battery level.

How Do I Turn On or Off Battery Saver Mode on My Smartphone?

If you're unsure how the battery saver mode works on your smartphone, we have some resources for you:

By using the battery saver mode in the DIE RINGE App, you can not only improve your smartphone's battery life but also promote a conscious approach to technological resources. If you have any more questions, our support team is always at your disposal.

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