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What distinguishes the DIE RINGE app from conventional strength training?Updated a year ago

What are actually the differences between conventional strength training and strength training on gymnastic rings? And above all, what are the differences with the DIE RINGE app? These questions are not only frequently asked by us, but also by almost every ring athlete. Therefore, we would like to show you in detail the differences to conventional strength training and the advantages of our DIE RINGE app. 

Train with your own body weight

In contrast to conventional strength training in the gym, training with our app does not require any additional weight. You train only with your own body weight. The necessary resistance for your muscles is created by assuming certain body positions in space, by gravity and the laws of leverage. 

Increase not by more weight, but by new exercises

Since our workout on the gymnastics rings is completely devoid of added weight, we can't increase the intensity simply by adding more weight plates. Instead, we switch up the exercises to find an increase and the right progression. This makes your workout more versatile in the long run and doesn't always consist of the same exercises. For example, in our app we show you the right progressions to master your first pull-up or front lever. 

Train holistically instead of in isolation

When you train with the DIE RINGE app, you will very rarely train muscle groups in isolation. This is because exercises on the gymnastic rings are usually performed over several joints and muscle groups. This has the advantage that you train holistically and save time. Furthermore, you improve your coordination and learn cool new skills such as the Skin the Cat.

Strengthen your core muscles 

Since the resistance for your muscles during the exercises is created by your own body weight, your core muscles are stressed during almost every exercise. This leads to a strong and stable core, which is not only beneficial during training, but also in everyday life. 

The focus is on the upper body 

The strength of the gymnastic rings lies in the upper body training, which is why the current phase training also mainly covers the upper body. Nevertheless, the lower body should not be neglected and so there are leg units in the form of extra workouts in our app and a detailed leg workout in the form of a training goal.

Train when and where you want

Another big difference and at the same time big advantage is that you can hang your gymnastic rings at any place and at any time. You are not dependent on gyms and their opening hours, but can hang the rings in the park, in the garden or in your own living room. Your gym rings can replace an entire gym and, together with our app, provide you with a versatile and varied strength workout. If you want to learn more about the variety of training spots, click here.

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