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My training is to easy or to hard for meUpdated a year ago

You may need to adjust the intensity of your training on your own because you may not have been able to train for a long time or the classification did not fit 100%.

You can change the training plans on your own as follows. 

Go to the overview of the training session you want to change. Then click on the settings icon in the upper right corner.

Scroll down and click Adjust your exercises.

Now you can use the + & - buttons to make the individual exercises harder or easier. 

I would like to change to another training phase

You can only change the training phase by reevaluating yourself for the respective training style. Skills do not have phases and can therefore only be changed via the Pass Your Exercises page. 

How to reevaluate yourself 

If the training style that you want to reclassify is in your training week, then go to the coach page and click on the coach setting icon.

In the settings, you must have selected the upper body muscle growth or lower body muscle growth in order to subsequently be able to classify yourself in the training styles. If neither of the two goals is displayed in the overview, click on Goals and select the appropriate goal. 

If the goal is already listed, you can directly click on reevaluate current training and start the classification. Try to assess yourself as realistically as possible to get training plans that fit your performance level. 

How do I reevaluate myself if I don't use the coach?

You can reevaluate yourself for the different training styles if you have not specified them in the coach. To do so, go to the Discover Page and select the training style you want to reclassify.

Then click on the settings icon in the upper right corner.

Go to the bottom of the page and click on Reevaluate Training. Note that after reclassification, your old training status for this training style will be overwritten and deleted. 

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