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I miss equipment for training stylesUpdated 10 months ago

What are training styles and which ones are there?

In the DIE RINGE app, you can choose between different training styles. For example, there are three different styles for the upper body. These differ not only in the training plan but also in the required equipment.

Ringtraining: Gym Rings

Calisthenics: Gym Rings, Parallel Bars, High-bar & box

Weighted Calisthenics: Barbell & Rack, Bench, Dumbbells, High-bar, Parallettes, Parallel Bars, Gym Rings, Weight Vest & Weight Belt + Weights

Bodyweight Legs: Gym Rings, Posts

Weighted Legs: Barbell & Rack, Dumbbells, Posts, Gym Rings, Box

I want to train in a training style like calisthenics or weighted calisthenics, but I don't have all the equipment I need

Ideally, you can use any equipment for your workout displayed in the app for the individual training style. Only then can you perform the workout holistically. If it is a permanent condition that you lack equipment, choose another training style. 

I am only exceptionally missing equipment, which I usually always have

In this case, you can exclude the missing equipment from today's workout. This will remove the exercises that are trained with this equipment from your plan only for the next workout.

To do this, go to the overview of your workout and click on the settings icon.

Deselect the equipment that is not available to you and click on save changes

Where can I see what equipment I need for today's workout?

Go to Settings on the Training Overview page or click on Show Equipment.

You will then be presented with a list of equipment that you will need for today's workout. 

Can I get a training plan based on my available equipment?

 Unfortunately, we cannot yet cover this option in the DIE RINGE app. 

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