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Do I have to be athletic to train with DIE RINGE?Updated 4 months ago

DIE RINGE offers challenging workouts for beginners, advanced and professionals. To help you find your way quickly, we determine your fitness level before your first workout and assign you a suitable training level (training phase).

Basically, the intention behind the DIE RINGE app is to provide an introduction to calisthenics & ring training. We want to enable beginners to develop the desire for strength training and to learn the first elements such as the pull-up or dip. 
If you think that the training will be too demanding for you, you can also test the app for 7 days for free and try out the training. 

The basic requirements to get started with the app is a generally physically healthy condition.

Each exercise in your workout will be shown and explained to you in a detailed video. With each level you complete, you'll get fitter and stronger. You can also use the app to perform additional extra workouts that target specific muscle groups or work on your flexibility. 

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