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What do the XP points and the level mean?Updated 4 months ago

Level up through XP points

Through our XP level system, you have the opportunity to earn experience points through various activities with the app and thus advance level by level. Unlike the different training phases, the level system has no influence on your training schedule, but you can see how often and how frequently you train with the Die Ringe app.

Earn XP points through regular training

For every training session you complete, you earn experience points and improve your XP level. However, not only for training in your phase, but also for warm ups, cool downs or completing a training goal you get experience points. Once you have reached the required number of XP points, you move up a level. The next level will require you to earn more XP points, which you can achieve through various workouts with the app.

Continuity is the basis of strength training

In weight training it is very important to train regularly. However, it is not always possible to improve in every workout and to manage more difficult exercises. With the XP points we reward you especially for your regular training. We want to help you build a solid workout routine so you can get stronger in the long run and learn new elements.

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