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How much space do I need for my ring training?

If you want to install your gymnastic rings at home on the ceiling, for example with our ceiling hooks, you should consider the following four points. This will help you find your optimal position and perform all the important exercises on the rings.

How do I install the ceiling mounts?

Should your heavy-duty anchors not have a yellow ring, follow this website, which explains the installation with moving images.

How much load can the gymnastic rings carry?

A commissioned load test has shown that a pair of DIE RINGE gymnastic rings can withstand a load of up to 600kg. The test was performed with gymnastic rings + straps.

Can I leave my gymnastic rings outside?

Our gymnastic rings are ideally suited for outdoor training, anywhere and anytime. However, we advise against leaving your gymnastic rings outside permanently or storing them outdoors. Our gymnastic rings are made from wood, a natural material that i