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How much space do I need for my ring training?Updated 4 months ago

If you want to install your gymnastic rings at home on the ceiling, for example with our ceiling hooks, you should consider the following four points. This will help you find your optimal position and perform all the important exercises on the rings. 

The ceiling height

A ceiling height of 2.5 - 3 meters should be sufficient for you to attach your gymnastic rings to the ceiling and perform all important exercises. However, if your ceiling is a little lower, this is not a problem. By bending your knees, you can compensate for the lack of height during the exercises. If you live in an old building and have very high ceilings, the rings may not reach the floor. In order to be able to perform exercises like push-ups, we recommend a second pair of loops. This will allow you to easily compensate for the height of the ceiling. 

Sufficient space on both sides

In order to perform exercises such as archer push-ups, you should leave at least one arm's length or at best one meter of space to the right and left of your gymnastic rings

Sufficient space to the front and back

You should also make sure that you leave at least 2.5 meters of space both to the front and to the back so that you can work on the incline. If you don't find an ideal place for this in your apartment and don't have enough space, it is also sufficient if you leave the 2.5 meters free in one direction only. This way you have the possibility to do all exercises in the incline like biceps curls or rowing to the forehead on this side. If you live in an old building or in a house with high ceilings, you should plan a little more space to the front and back because of the changed angle.  

Distance between the rings 

The distance between the rings is the last point to consider. In gymnastics this is standardized at 50 cm and we also recommend this distance between the gymnastics rings. This way, every type of training can be covered and even children can play and train on the rings without any problems. 
In the following video Eric shows you what you should pay attention to when installing your ceiling hooks:

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