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How do I redeem my 30 day QR code coupon for the app?Updated 4 months ago

Scan your 30-day QR code voucher with the DIE RINGE App

In this article, we'll guide you step by step on how to successfully redeem your QR code voucher for our DIE RINGE App. If you have a voucher for our online shop, you can find the redemption instructions here.

Properly Redeeming Your QR Code

  • Download the App: Install the DIE RINGE App from the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore onto your smartphone.

  • Open the App: Click on the QR code symbol on the login screen. Alternatively, select the option "I have a QR code" in your profile.

Login page
Profile & gear icon

  • Scan the QR Code: Use your camera to scan the QR code, or manually enter the 8-digit code into the designated input field.

After successfully redeeming your code, you'll gain access to the app's content for the duration stated on your voucher card. You can also view the remaining duration of your test period in your profile.

The test period is free and ends automatically, without the need for payment details or cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I can't find the button "I have a QR code" in my profile:

The option will not be displayed if you already have a subscription with DIE RINGE or had one before. The 30-day voucher is specifically designed for new customers to try out the DIE RINGE App.

Can I redeem the code on the website?

No, the QR code voucher can only be redeemed in the app.

Is the voucher combinable with other discounts?

The QR code voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers or discounts.

Can I gift the code?

You are welcome to pass the voucher code to acquaintances and friends. The code can be redeemed only once per DIE RINGE account.

We hope this guide helps you easily redeem your voucher. Enjoy exploring the DIE RINGE App!

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