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How can I revoke my subscription?Updated 9 months ago

How can I cancel my subscription to DIE RINGE? Cancelling your subscription to our training app differs depending on where you purchased your subscription. Please select below where you purchased your DIE RINGE subscription:

Google Play Store
Apple App Store
DIE RINGE website

Purchase via Google Play Store

If you purchased your subscription via the Google Play Store, Google acts as the seller and your contractual partner. If you have any questions regarding payment, cancellation, or checkout, you can contact Google Play Store support here

Purchase via the Apple App Store 

To get a refund, please contact Apple customer service. Payments made through the App Store cannot be refunded by us. Apple acts as your contractual partner in this case and handles refunds on its own.

Please contact Apple customer service via this link to get your money refunded. Please note that purchases made through Apple's App Store are subject to Apple's terms and conditions.

Purchases made through www.dieringe.com

Cancellation of your subscription to the DIE RINGE app does not imply a simultaneous cancellation. To cancel your subscription, please contact our customer support with the email address you used to sign up for your subscription. To do so, write an email to [email protected].

How long can I cancel my subscription?

You only have a right of return within 60 days after purchasing a product in the DIE RINGE store. Please note that this money-back guarantee does not apply to subscriptions.

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