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How does the free rings offer work?Updated a month ago

Discover our exciting Free Rings Offer! If you sign up for an annual subscription or the "Lifetime" membership, you get an exclusive set of our high-quality gymnastic rings for free. Here, you'll find all the important information about the offer, including how the process works, shipping costs, delivery times, and benefits for existing customers or those who already own rings.

How Does the Process Work?

After you've signed up for your annual subscription or "Lifetime" membership on our website, you'll receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes. In this email, you'll find two vouchers for the DIE RINGE online shop: one voucher that reduces the cost of the Essential Gymnastic Rings to 0 Euros, and a second voucher for free shipping within Germany.

Do I Have to Pay for Shipping?

No, there are no shipping costs for you within Germany, thanks to the free shipping voucher. However, regular shipping costs apply for orders outside Germany. You can find all details about the shipping prices on our Shipping Price Page.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

After you've redeemed the vouchers and ordered the rings, delivery within Germany typically takes 2-3 days. Delivery times may vary for shipments outside Germany.

I Already Have Rings, Can I Still Benefit?

Yes, even if you already own rings, you can still benefit from this offer. The voucher for the free rings can be flexibly used in the online shop, not just for rings but for all other products as well. This way, you can secure exactly the equipment you need for your training.

Is the offer also available with gym rings premium set or other items in the store?

If you claim the free rings offer, you will receive a voucher with the value of the Essential gymnastic rings. You can also redeem this value for other products in the store. In the end, you only have to pay the remaining amount for the Premium Set or the Parallettes, for example. 

I've Been a Member for a While, Can I Still Benefit from the Offer?

The Free Rings Offer is primarily aimed at new customers who sign up for an annual subscription or the "Lifetime" membership. If you already have a subscription and are interested in the rings, we recommend contacting our customer service. We'll be happy to check individually whether and how we can offer you a similar deal.

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