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How to redeem your voucher code (by mail) for the appUpdated a year ago

In order to redeem your code correctly, it is important to know that there are two different types of coupon codes. A QR code that you find on a card or a voucher code that you receive by mail (starter package).
The following steps will show you how to redeem your voucher code that you received by mail for our DIE RINGE app.

If you have a card with a QR code, please read on here.
If you have a voucher for our online store, we explain here to redeem the voucher correctly.

It is important that you use your voucher code, which you received by mail, only for purchases directly on our website and not in the app. The voucher codes have no time limit and can be redeemed at any time. 

Please note that it is not possible to purchase a new subscription while you still have an active subscription. So if you still have an active subscription, please cancel it first. You can read how to do it here.

1. Choose your plan. 

Go to our website www.dieringe.com/app and click Start Now. Now choose the plan that suits you. By clicking on View All Memberships you will have the option to choose between Annual Membership, 6 Month Membership or 3 Month Membership. Once you have selected the right membership for you, you can start your membership or trial period by clicking on the button below.

2. Create your DIERINGE.COM account 

To gain access to the Die Ringe Bodyworkout app, you will need a membership account. This account will hold your billing details, means of payment and your valid subscription and later your workout progress. Fill in the appropriate fields and confirm your details by clicking on Create account

You also have the option to log in with Apple, Facebook or Google if you wish. If you already have an account with Die Ringe, you can sign up by clicking the button You already have an account?

3. Activate your coupon code 

Apply your coupon code in the provided field. This will appear after you click on the button You have a discount code?. The value of the voucher will be deducted from the purchase price as soon as you redeem it. 

4. Get access

Finish the purchase process by choosing a payment method for possible subscription renewals. Your annual membership will not start until after the 7-day trial period. Cancel your annual membership only after 7 days, otherwise your membership will not start. The 6-month and 3-month membership will be activated immediately after you complete the purchase. You can prevent automatic renewal of your membership with one click in your account settings. You can find out how to cancel your subscription here.

5. Download the app

You can find our DIE RINGE app in the Google Play Store and the Apple Appstore. You can download it for free. You also have the option of subscribing via the Play Store or Appstore. 

6. Start the app and log in

In the app, you can log in with the same account information you entered on the website. Start grading for your appropriate training phase. Try to be as honest as possible with your ranking, as this is the only way to find your optimal entry level.

Please note that your membership will be automatically renewed for the period you have chosen and at the full price. You can cancel your subscription before the expiration date so that no renewal occurs.

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